b. 1986, HK.

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Hi, my name's Dana!

I’m both a designer and a community activist at heart. I believe in designing for social good and working with marginalized communities to create tangible change. Below are some values I operate by, both in my personal and professional life:

  1. Sustainability - how do we create sustainable lives in which we & all our loved ones stay alive and well?

  2. Accountability - the ability to own up to our mistakes

  3. Authenticity - staying true to ourselves & our values

  4. Empathy - recognizing that healing and growth come from a place of compassion and not shame

  5. Human connection - how do we give to each other, learn from each other, and contribute to each other's growth and healing?

Things I’m currently doing:

  • Attended the Design + Diversity conference as a fellow

  • Interning at Adobe as a WITH Fellow

  • Finishing up my last year of undergrad at UC Davis as a design & Asian American Studies double major

You can view my resume here.