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Food in the Disapora

food in the diaspora
illustration, Motion design

Nov - Dec 2018

“Food in the Diaspora” is a short animated video that explores food as a means of sustainability for immigrants who come to the US. With our current political climate, hostility against immigrants is at an all time high. For those of us whose families have migrated to the US to seek better lives, how do we use food to remind us of where we come from and why we’re here?

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01: brainstorming

The theme for this project was “sustainability.”

I tried to steer away from common conceptions of sustainability that relate to the environment and climate change. Although these are important topics to cover, I wanted to use this project to explore issues that my queer, POC, and disabled community face.

My final topic choice focused on immigrants and their/our ability to sustain ourselves and our culture despite living in a country (aka the US) filled with xenophobia.

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02: research

I wanted to represent as many perspectives in my project as possible, so I did a callout on social media for folks to talk to me about foods in their culture that mean a lot to them and what they represent (in terms of staying strong in hostile environments / political climates)

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03: moodboard

I wanted to use this project as an opportunity to push my illustration skills. I’ve been working on illustrating more stylistically, with limited bright color palettes.

From top to bottom, left to right, @itsannahurley (first 3 images), @art_lives, @apple.cheeks, and @olguioo.


04: storyboard


05: branding

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06: asset creation


06: final product!


click to watch the final video!


screen caps of the highlights