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Issue 01: First Impressions

First impressions
editorial, BRANDING

Sept '16 - April '17

"First Impressions" is InPrint Magazine's first annual issue! Officially, my role in this project was to obtain funding and publicity for our magazine, so that we could print them and also sell well. However, behind the scenes, I did a little bit of everything (photography, interviewing, transcribing, editing, critiquing, brainstorming, etc) wherever I was needed.

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01: theme

After endless sessions of brainstorming, we settled on the theme “first impressions”, fitting for our first issue! In using our magazine as a platform to feature amazing individuals from the design community, we hoped this issue would introduce the design community to one another

This issue was our "first impression" to the world of design at Davis.

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Our "First Impression"

... to the world of design at Davis.


02: branding

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03: content

Our issue featured 4 different kinds of articles. Examples of each are shown below.

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04: marketing

My role was to come up with different marketing strategies to raise awareness for our release!

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01: pre-order ad

This was sent out through various email newsletters to spread the word!


03: photo campaign

We asked members questions about their "firsts" (ex 1st design crush) for this campaign!

02: fun facts

We asked interviewees for fun facts to reveal their features on our page!

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04: magazine sneak peeks

We showed "sneak peeks" of our mag by posting some cropped mockups of spreads!

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05: the team


Huge thanks to InPrint's 2016-17 team for making our first issue possible! 


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