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Issue 02: Re:Build

editorial, BRANDING

Sept '17 - April '18

"Re:Build" is InPrint Magazine's second annual issue! (Check out our first issue here) Officially, my role in this project was to obtain funding and publicity for our magazine, so that we could print them and also sell well. However, behind the scenes, I did a little bit of everything (photography, interviewing, transcribing, editing, critiquing, brainstorming, etc) wherever I was needed.

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01: theme

In the wake of several natural disasters and deep political tensions, “Re:Build” examines how we and our communities create resilience in the face of these hardships on an interpersonal and systemic level through design. 

Our theme also encompasses not only what designers create, but how both our creations and ourselves constantly evolve through ideation–we are always rebuilding.


Designers have an intimate connection to rebuilding …

We’re constantly evolving through ideation - whether it be our work, our relationships, or ourselves.


02: branding


03: content


I. team written articles

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Article Written by Cynthia Pu
Spread Design by Timothea Wang


ii. interviews (of students, alumni, & faculty)

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Interview edited by Dana Chan, Emily Luong, & Cynthia Pu
Spread Design by Yoon Rha


III. Student design work submissions

3 design subs.jpg

Featured work from Anna Vo & Dana Chan
Spread Design by Timothea Wang


iv. article submissions (from students & alumni)

4 article sub.jpg

Photography by Dana Chan
Article Written by Isaac Tseng
Spread Design by Annie Ly


04: the team

Thank you to our 2017-18 Board for bringing our vision of Re:Build to life!

  • Timothea Wang
    Co-director & Supervisor of Graphics

  • Emily Luong
    Co-director & Supervisor of Writing

  • Dana Chan
    Co-director & Supervisor of Public Relations

  • Marjory Ramos
    Art Director/Graphics Lead

  • Cynthia Pu
    Editor-in-Chief/Writing Lead

  • Eric Ruperto
    Photography Lead

  • Samantha Woo
    Public Relations Lead

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