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Issue 03: IMPACT

editorial, BRANDING

Sept '18 - April '19

"IMPACT" is InPrint Magazine's third annual issue! (Check out our first and second issues) Officially, my role in this project was to obtain funding and publicity for our magazine, so that we could print them and also sell well. However, behind the scenes, I did a little bit of everything (photography, interviewing, transcribing, editing, critiquing, brainstorming, etc) wherever I was needed.

Cover design by Timothea Wang

Cover design by Timothea Wang


01: theme

“IMPACT” hones in on the sociopolitical effects design can have on our communities. With intentional design decisions, our work can propel change towards justice and liberation. However, when we forget to critically examine our choices or intentionally trade ethics for profits, it can have lasting negative impacts on the status quo and even people’s livelihoods. 

This year’s theme tackles the issue of sustainability across multiple sectors. These range from the economic efficiency of capitalism to the growing concerns of environmental changes. We also explore governmental systems that have left vulnerable communities at risk for decades. Our publication urges designers to use our power to leave those communities better than how we found them


02: branding


03: content

In each issue we feature articles written by our writing team, student or alumni submitted articles, student design work, and interviews on students, alumni, & faculty.

defined by the consumer 1.jpg

Defined by the consumer

Written by Cynthia Pu
Designed by Dana Chan (me!)

defined by the consumer 2.jpg

defined by the consumer

Second spread, same credits

codo interview.jpg

Co-director Interview

Written & edited by Cynthia Pu
Designed by Timothea Wang

systemic cyclic harm.jpg

Systemic cyclic harm on urban design

Written by April Parakul
Designed by Michelle Wong

student work.jpg

student work spread

Left: Danchan Merch
Right: dear self,


Gale okumura: faculty interview

Interviewed & Written by Lee Phan
Designed by Dre Alvarez


04: fundraising & events

For our 3rd annual issue, we decided to GO BIG and try out a perfect bound spine (64 pages+cover minimum!) for the first time. However, the printing costs came out to be TWICE as much as last year’s costs, totaling to $2,752. Not many student orgs have 2k on hand, and InPrint wasn’t any exception. To make our perfect bound magazine a reality we not only had to hustle on content but also grind HARD to get enough funding. Some of the things we did this year were…


profits: $1285 ✨

Credit for the following deliverables (top to bottom, left to right) are

  • Stickers: Darren Wong, Neha Deshmukh, Michelle Wong, Sky Chan

  • Teal Poster: Dana Chan (me!)

  • Buttons: Ana Teruya, Yoon Rha, Dre Alvarez

  • Orange Poster: Timothea Wang


bonfire campaign(s)
profits: $235 ✨

Both shirt design are done by me

tshirt mock.jpg

release party

To celebrate our 3rd annual issue, we hosted our first release party (yay!) where we had a photobooth, raffle, mocktail bar, professional catering, and fun mini games (“clear” pong, a guessing jar, & blackjack). Guests could also visit our InPrint table to purchase Issue 03: IMPACT along with some of the merch featured on our kickstarter.

release partay!.jpg

Because our release party was such a hit,

we sold out in 2 days!

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04: the team

Shoutout to InPrint’s Board of 2018-19 Y’all made this amazing year into a reality and I could not be more grateful. I LOVE YOU ALL AND I’M SO PROUD OF US!!! 💞



Co-do & Supervisor of Graphics: Timothea Wang
Co-do & Supervisor of Writing: Emily Luong
Co-do & Supervisor of Marketing: Dana Chan

team leads

Editor in Chief: Cynthia Pu
Co-do & Writing Printern: Alana Joldersma
Marketing Lead: Alice Kuang
Photographers: Shannon Hillyard & Emma Chisholm


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