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Sponsorship Package



To raise funds for InPrint's 2nd Issue, "Re:Build", I designed this sponsorship package to outreach for support from companies and businesses. 

Sponsors can choose from 3 options to support us: ad space, 1 of 3 packages, and donations! The Sponsorship Package also includes information on what InPrint is, what we do, and how we make an impact. 

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check out the full sponsorship package below!


visual iterations

The main feature of the sponsorship package was option #2, the 3 packages. Thus, I focused on iterating different visual elements to go along with the 3 packages.

Here are the final basic icons that went into the package. These 3 types of icons (post its, design program palettes, and magazines) represent the 3 stages of publication production: brainstorming, ideating, and printing!

Below are some of the iterations I did in order to come up with these final icons.




This was InPrint's first ever sponsorship package so the 2 other co-directors and I had to be really proactive about creating our content, using only another design organization's sponsor package as guidance. 

A few pages of our iterations are shown below.

  1. First, we brainstormed benefits that companies would receive in sponsoring us.

  2. Second, we divided the "material" benefits into 3 different packages and fleshed each of the packages out more

  3. Third, we focused on introducing InPrint Magazine to potential sponsors in a way that would attract their attention. This was the trickiest part since we'd only spoken about ourselves to our fellow community members (students, alumni, and faculty). We had to be really intentional about the language we used to cater to a more corporate audience.


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Sponsorship Package Versions 3.jpg