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This isn’t a normal online store where you can click on pictures of items to order (I am not fancy enough for that LOL). The pictures are for viewing purposes only. To actually order, scroll to the bottom and click on the link to fill out my order form!

link to order is at the bottom!


💓 zines 💓

Some of these pics are really small! If you’re on desktop, right click and open these images in a new tab to view them at full size and higher resolution.


“Meme Zine” | $6 | (4.25”x5.5”)
All the best memes immortalized & framed.

“A Poem abt Food Anxiety” | $6 | (4.25”x5.5”)
Limericks on the struggles of eating with anxiety.

“& other gay sh*t” | $6 | (4.25”x5.5”)
Poems for the first person I fell in love with

“Daily Disability” Zine | $9 | (5”x7.5”)
Comics about everyday life with chronic pain

“Notes from Therapy” Zine | $6 | (4.25”x5.5”)
Smol qpoc with some big thoughts


soon to be discontinued

Get your hands on the last few copies!!!


“When r u Officially Queer?” Zine | $6 | (4.25”x5.5”)
A satire zine on the idea of being “queer enough”

“Guide to Falling in Love” Zine | $6 | (4.25”x5.5”)
A lil story about how 2 queers fell in love

“Tong Oi” Zine | $6 | (4.25”x4.25”)
What can revolutionary love look like for qpoc?


💘 stickers 💘

All stickers are $1.50 each and about 2”x3” in size
(”Sticker Pack” - 5 stickers of choice for $5)

Artboard 1-4.png

“Vulnerability” Sticker

Artboard 1-1.png

“Honor Your Light” Sticker

Artboard 1-3.png

“Stay Loving Stay Angry” - Pink Sticker

Artboard 1.png

“Hold Each Other Gently” Sticker

Artboard 1-2.png

“Stay Loving Stay Angry” - Pink & Purple Sticker


💞 prints 💞

All prints are $3 each and about 4”x5.25” in size

”Print Pack” - 5 prints of choice for $10
“Soup Pack” - All 6 Soup Prints for $12
(Packs come with free mystery print!)

Artboard 9.png

“Dum Binch Juice” Print

Artboard 1.jpg

“Emotional Eats” Print

Artboard 2.jpg

“Friends w Anxiety” Print

Artboard 3.jpg

“Stop, Drop, & Roll” Print

Artboard 4.jpg

“Ghostin’ Ghost” Print


soon to be discontinued

Get your hands on the last few copies!!!
(*Still eligible to be part of print packs*)


“Space for Love” Print (available in 3 colors!)

Artboard 7.png

“Yet” Print

Artboard 8.jpg

“Support Immigrant Biz” Print

Artboard 8-4.jpg

“Soup-Chili” Print

Artboard 8-5.jpg

“Soup-Clam Chowder” Print

Artboard 8-3.jpg

“Soup-Curry” Print

Artboard 8-2.jpg

“Soup-Ka Thiew” Print

Artboard 8-6.jpg

“Soup-Pho” Print

Artboard 8-1.jpg

“Soup-Porridge” Print



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