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Tong Oi

同愛 (TONG OI)


同愛: a Cantonese slang term that translates to "same love," and is intended to have the same connotation as "queer." This project was an art submission for the Asian American Pacific Islander Issues Conference at Davis. It serves as a personal exploration of what "revolutionary love" (the theme that year) looks or feels like.  I chose to center my piece around being a queer mentally illl womxn of color. 

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This project contains both visual and written elements. I wrote a series of poems that I compiled into a mini book, and took photographs of my dear queer friends which I accompanied with snippets of these poems.


The most common theme in these poems is “life.” In a way, love for me, has become equated with life. Love is how I continue to live, and life is how I continue to love.

I wanted to integrate this concept of life in both visual and written aspects of my project. In the photo above, there are two aspects of life: water as life, and art as life (symbolized by the ink within the water). 

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同愛 (TONG OI) full poems: