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visual design, illustration


Zines (pronounced ZEEN; short for magazine or fanzine) are small-circulation self-published works. I’ve been a zine-ster for 3 years now, showcasing and selling my work at events like DIS: Bay Area (Bay Area offshoot of the Disability Intersectionality Summit), APAture, Queer Magic Makers, San Jose Japantown Art Walk, and SF Zine Fest. Featured on this page are all the zines I have ever produced!


When Are You Officially Queer?

A critique on the idea of being "queer enough." 
4.25”x5.5” | 6 pages | Photoshop & Paper | 2017


Notes From Therapy

Highlighting the importance of being vulnerable with healing. 
4.25”x5.5” | 6 pages | Photoshop & Paper | 2017


Guide to Falling in Love

A little story of how 2 queer people of color fell in love. 
4.25”x5.5” | 6 pages | Photoshop & Paper | 2017

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同愛 (Tong Oi)

A continuation of my project 同愛 (Tong Oi): exploring the emotional depth of hands alongside my poetry. 
4.25”x5.5” | 6 pages | Photoshop & Paper | 2017

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dis/place // dis/ability

Unpacking the displacement that comes with disability, with themes of isolation, connection, & healing.
5”x5” | 30 pages | Photo, Paper, Cold Porcelain, Photoshop | 2018


the daily life of danchan the disabled designer

A "behind the scenes" look at my everyday experiences with chronic illness(es).
5”x7” | 16 pages | Photoshop & Paper | 2018

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access guidebook

Helping disabled folks communicate their access needs.
4.25”x5.5” | 48 pages | Illustrator & InDesign | 2018

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… and other gay sh*t

A set of poems for the first person I fell in love with
4.25”x5.5” | 20 pages | Photoshop & Paper | 2018

gay shit.jpg

The art of memes™

All the best memes immortalized, framed, and entitled.
4.25”x5.5” | 20 pages | Procreate | 2019


a poem about food anxiety

Several limerick-ish poems about the struggles of eating with anxiety.
4.25”x5.5” | 16 pages | Procreate | 2019

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I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the art of zine making through workshops. I’ve hosted my zine workshop for SAFE (Southeast Asians Furthering Education) at their annual retreat, the WRRC (Women’s Resources and Research Center) at their Empowerment Conference, and InPrint Magazine as part of a fall workshop series.

Shoot me an email (danadlchan@gmail.com) or Instagram dm if you want me to host my workshop at your event!

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